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Technically speeking, the Digitalis platform is composed of the hardware machines described below. Some of them are managed by the Grid'5000 team (national service), some of them are managed locally.

This page decribes how to use the locally managed machines.

Hardware description

Grid'5000 Grenoble clusters

Grenoble Grid'5000 site is composed of 3 clusters (as of 2012-03): genepi, edel and adonis. More information can be found on Grid'5000 Grenoble site pages. Those machines are handles by the Grid'5000 global (national) systeme. One must then refer to the Grid'5000 documentation to make use of them. The remaining of this page is mostly not relevant to those clusters.

Grimage cluster

The Grimage cluster was originally dedicated to the processing of the Grimage platform hardware (cameras, etc) and data (videos captures, etc). More recently, 10GE ethernet cards were added to some nodes for one project, making the cluster a mutualised platform. Currently, at least 4 projects are using the cluster, requiring the resource management system and deployment system adapted to experimental platform like Grid'5000.

Nodes have the following characteristics: grimage-1 grimage-2

Special machines

Those machines are resources co-funded by several teams in order to provide experimental platforms for problem such as:

  • large and complex SMP configurations
  • complex processor/cache architecture analysis
  • multi-GPU configurations
  • etc

Currenlty the following machines are available


FIXME: idfreeeze is not yet integrated to the platform


  • 2x Intel Xeon X5650 (Westmere, 6 cores each)
  • 72 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 8x Nvidia Tesla C2050


Dedicated services

Mutualised services

Terms of services

Platform usage

Node access

Restricted access

Full access

Node usage visualisation

Node booking

Job types





other types

Advance reservations

Technical contact


Mailing lists

Tips and tricks

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