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Idfreeze is a quad-socket machine equipped with AMD Opteron 6174 8 cores CPUs, totaling 48 core in a NUMA architecture.

  • 4x AMD Opteron 6174
  • 256 GB RAM

How to experiment

Privileged commands

Currently, the following commands can be run via sudo in exclusive jobs:

on idfreeze
  • sudo /usr/bin/whoami (provided for testing the mechanism, should return "root")
  • sudo /sbin/reboot
  • sudo /usr/bin/schedtool
  • sudo /usr/bin/opcontrol
  • sudo /opt/likwid/bin/likwid-perfctr
  • sudo /opt/likwid/bin/likwid-topology

System changelog

The operating system is based on Debian Squeeze.


System image
idfreeze-legacy 20130830

The Operation system installation did not change (except minor packages upgrade possibly) since the move of the machine in the Digitalis platform (Grid'5000 network). Hence, the legacy name.

This system image is based on Debian Squeeze.


  • BIOS was upgraded
  • Kadeploy is now allowed.
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