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Idarm-1 & 2 are 2 ARM Juno r1 development boards (ARM64 bits).

Access to the machines

Example for an interactive access
  oarsub -I -p "machine='idarm'"

Mechanisms to experiments with those ARM Juno machines are different from other digitalis machines (due to a different CPU arch, a different boot process, aso), but they also offer remote control like other machines. We however did not get resources to provide easy multi-user reconfiguration services yet. Please email me if you would like to experiment and require a privileged access to one of those machines for a period of time.

To get a specific machine:

  oarsub -I -p "machine='idarm' and host like 'idarm-2.%'"

Privileged access

Privileged access is granted within exclusive jobs (oarsub -t exclusive ...) on the juno machines. Please note that any change made to the system (filesystem included, which is on ramdisk) will be lost/reset upon reboot, which automatically happens at the end of jobs for the sake of the sanity of the experimentation environment.


The idarm machines were funded by a Grenoble INP project, led by the Mescal, Moais and Erods teams of of LIG.

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